Abiding Voice Within

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Isaiah 40:3




HIS voice

Banishes the darkness and all fear,

It calms my troubled heart

And let's me know He's near.


HIS voice

Removes every scar and wound,

And reminds me daily

He's returning soon.


HIS voice

Pierces through all the lies.

It gives me strength to walk

Knowing I will rise.


HIS voice

Is what I long for each day.

He guides me throughout this land

And shines His Light upon my way.


HIS voice

Is something I treasure more than gold.

And sitting face-to-face

Fills you with Love few behold.


HIS voice

I need like the very air I breathe.

And it's to His heart

That daily I will cleave.


HIS voice

Touches my life in words I can't convey.

There isn't a part of me

That doesn't long to hear what You would say.


HIS voice

I wait for at dawn's early light.

Knowing that the Words He shares

Helps me in every fight.


HIS voice

Is all I need today.

He gives me wisdom

Each time I go in to pray.


HIS voice

Is my heart's desire.

HIS Words engraved upon my heart

Are a burning fire.


HIS voice

I will seek all of my days.

To bring Him pleasure

In my Words, thoughts, and ways.


HIS voice

I pray, will be with me to the end.

And I know it will

For He's promised me, I win!


HIS voice

Is what you should be seeking too.

It will change your life

And empower you in all you do!


HIS voice........


~ I Write For Him ~

~ © Naomi Krstinic










Take me to Your Chamber

Where Your Love abides

Let me dwell there with You

Where Your heart resides.


Take me to Your Chamber

Our secret dwelling place

Where I can behold You

Where we are face-to-face.


Take me to Your Chamber

At the start of each new day

Where You unfold Your plans

To lead me on my way.


Take me to Your Chamber

Let me learn from You

So I may become

All that You want me to.


Take me to Your Chamber

At the end of each day

I long to hear Your sweet voice

And all that You would say.


Take me to Your Chamber

Where You reveal who I really am

So I may walk boldly

Throughout this earthly land.


Take me to Your Chamber

Where Your anointing on me does flow

Daily empowering me

For where I need to go.


Take me to Your Chamber

Hide me in Your wings

Away from all chaos

And the stress the enemy brings.


Take me to Your Chamber

Let me love on You awhile

I long to bring You joy

I long to see You smile.


Take me to Your Chamber

My Precious Holy King

For its this song I'm writing

To You I long to sing.


~ I Write for Him ~

~ © Naomi Krstinic



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