Abiding Voice Within

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Isaiah 40:3

Poem - I'll Keep Pressing On



You said You would lead me in a bright and brand new way,

The only thing required was to listen and obey.

One day You would give me brand new feet to run and leap,

If only I would seek Your face and Your commandments always keep.


Ahead are the mighty mountains, dark and looming tall,

Though the way is not clear You will not let me fall.

Through desert wastelands that are so ugly and so bare,

I am never alone for You are with me even there.


Upon the stormy waters that threaten to take my life away,

I need only call out Your Name and with Your mighty hand I am saved.

Walking through the forest, so thick with mist and trees,

You gently remind me no harm can come near, if only I'll believe.


At once all around me, comes the thunder of the night,

The lightning slashes through the sky with power and with might.

As darkness falls upon the land I run and try to hide,

Ahead in the distance I see a cave and run inside.


As I sit inside this cave so wet and so cold,

The lessons that You have taught me begin to unfold.

Though the path that You have chosen for all who believe,

Is full of many obstacles and dangers, our fears You do relieve.


Though our sight is sometimes blinded by the strength of the storm,

If we will but trust in You, You will guide us and keep us from all harm.

Though the mountains ahead are steep and hard to climb,

Your steps for us are marked and placed for us to see and always find.


And it's in the desert wastelands where You truly show You care,

For it's in those lone desolate places when we really let You share.

And when the stormy seas of life threaten to swallow us up,

You beckon to us softly to come and drink from Your cup.


For Your cup gives strength and life to those who do drink,

Peace, joy and riches beyond what we could ever ask or even think.

And with the first drink from Your loving cup, there's a light that begins to shine,

To light the path upon which we walk, that Your chosen steps we may find.


In the darkness and the thunder with the lightning slashing through the night,

I am Your warrior child, dressed in armor, divinely equipped for every fight.

So even though this path You have chosen may seem difficult and long,

I'll trust in You, hold onto Your hand, and I'll keep pressing on.


© Naomi Krstinic’