Abiding Voice Within

Isaiah 40:3

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Poem - Endless Love




It's hard to fathom the depth of Your Love for me

When You draw me so close and touch me with Your Love so tenderly.

 It awakens and stirs within me a hunger for so much more

How awesome to be called Your Bride and to know its me You long for


As every bride awaits that special night when the two shall become one,

So my Love, I wait for You knowing my life with You has only just begun.

The simple touch of Your sweet hand upon my fevered brow,

Soothes and heals my aching heart and makes me wonder how.....


How could I be so blessed to find ONE Who Loves so pure,

and daily seeks to comfort me and make me feel more secure?

More secure in knowing that He is truly mine,

Throughout all time to be His Bride, no greater Love could I find!


An eternal home, eternal bliss, and eternal Love too,

These are the things my Beloved offers me, daily, fresh and new.

So how could someone just like me, be asked to be His Wife?

It's my destiny before all time, and it is the purpose of my life.


O, my Beloved Jesus, how honored I'll always be,

To call You Husband, Lover, and Friend, and walk with You eternally.

Free from all the chains that bind, from worry, pain and stress,

To walk strong and sure with You, O, how I am blessed!


Blessed by You, my Precious Jesus, to have and to hold,

as our life together grows more each day and our Love deepens and grows.

So my Precious Beloved Jesus, I just wanted to take the time to say,

I am honored to be called Your Bride, and I will seek to honor You, each and every day!


 copyright-naomi krstinic