Abiding Voice Within

Isaiah 40:3

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Heart to Pen

Search Me O God


O, My Lord,

Search me this I pray

Help me to stay pure

As we journey today.


Guide me and lead me

On the path You would choose

May I always be thankful

Your Love never abuse.


Look into my heart

And tell me what You see

Tell me O, Lord

Am I pleasing to Thee?


O, Lord Do I honor You

With all that I say?

Lord, how I long

To bring You honor today.


Lord do I bring Glory

To Your Name?

I seek only to serve You,

Not wealth or fame.


Do You see the woman of God

You have called me to be?

Do they see You

When they look at me?


Lord, as we

Journey today,

You are my Potter

And I am your clay.


Complete in me

All that You have planned

So I can walk with You

Into the Promised Land.


Copyright Naomi Krstinic





Stay close to Me

Each step you take

It’ll make it easier

In the decisions you need to make.


Stay close to Me

As you travel this land

Don’t venture too far

Keep hold of My hand.


Stay close to Me

There are dangers ahead

You can’t see what I see

So tread where I tread.


Stay close to Me

When darkness begins to fall

If you wander too far

You won’t hear when I call.


Stay close to Me

This journey is long

Though the way is rough

With Me you’ll be strong.


Stay close to Me

As you walk through this desert place

You’ll make it through

Filled with My Grace.


Stay close to Me

No need to hide

No need to fear

I’m right by your side.


Stay close to Me

In all that you do

This wilderness time

Will be over soon.

copyright Naomi Krstinic


I AM Watching


I Am watching

At the door of your heart

Am I still alive there?

In your life, do I have a part?


I Am watching

For My sheep

To stand on My Word

Knowing My promises I keep.


I Am watching

Night and day

I Am your Protector

Just trust, and don’t sway.


I Am watching

With My eyes always on you

I Love you so deeply

Devotedly and true.


I Am watching

For you to fulfill your call

And to make sure you reach your destiny

I am giving you My all.


I Am watching

And waiting to hear you call My Name

Do you love Me as much?

Do you want Me the same?


I Am watching

To see if I am first on your list

When you don’t feel Me with you

Am I truly missed?


I Am watching

For you to let go of your past

Let go of all of your sorrows

And take My Love that lasts.


I Am watching

And asking you to open your hands

Release all of your yesterdays

Let Me fill them with My plans.

copyright Naomi Krstinic





Soon MY Love, Soon


Arrayed in glory,

A crown of jewels on her head.

This is the day

She’ll finally be wed.


A year has gone by,

It has seemed like forever.

She’s been counting the days

They would be together.


She has prepared herself,

For this special day.

Taking care of herself

And living the right way.


Daily she would look

At the door to see.

Is this the day my Bridegroom

Is coming for me?


With a longing that knows

No end.

She could not wait

For their new life to begin.


She has dreamed of this day

For such a long time.

She knows no greater love

Could she ever find.


HE has chosen her

As His own.

Never again

Will she feel all alone.


HE delights to see a smile

On her face.

When she lives her life,

Filled with His Grace.


Soon My love, soon

I am coming for thee.

Be ready, be watchful,

Keep looking for Me.


Copyright Naomi Krstinic’  7/2012







All I have

I give to you

There is nothing greater

I could do.


All I have

is not my own.

It belonged to You

before I was born.


All I have

I solemnly vow

is Yours Alone

I surrender it now.


All I have

and all I am

was given by You

from Your precious hand.


All I have

and all I'll be

is all about You, Lord

and nothing about me.


All I have

I lay before You.

Take it and use it, Lord

however You want to.


All I have

was given to me

so that I could become

who I was destined to be.


All I have

was in Your plan

so we could journey together

into the promised land.


copyright Naomi Krstinic 9/2012


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