Abiding Voice Within

Isaiah 40:3

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Heart 2 Heart With The Father

Psalm 27:8 TLB- My heart has heard You say, "Come and talk with Me." My heart responds, "Lord, I am coming."


Holy Father! In You everything is found that can make Your children glad, and I praise You with my whole being. You have kept me while I slept, so that I might awaken in safety, and to You I would consecrate my renewed strength. Let my heart, this morning, rejoice.


Make me, O Lord, to know the hope of Your calling, the riches of the glory of Your inheritance in the saints, and the exceeding greatness of Your power toward those who believe. Above all, grant me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Yourself.


Help me, O Lord, to appreciate the sensitiveness of Your love. May I not disappoint You by using exaggerated outward expressions of that personal relationship which is slowly growing between us.


Father, I know that You suffer in our suffering, and that Your sympathy is quick and tender and deep. Thank You that our blessed Lord has wept human tears, and borne the weight of human sorrow. May I comfort others with the comfort I have received from You.


Make Yourself so real to me that my first thought in everything will be to do Your will and to avoid whatever might give you sorrow.


Let me not be satisfied with refraining from sin; but as I abide in You, may I bear the fruits of the Spirit, which are love, joy, and peace.


Give me, my Father, a loving and thankful heart. May Your mercies, like cords, bind me to the horns of Your altar. Let nothing be held back from You; but may my entire nature be surrendered to Your indwelling and service, like a palace in which every room is freely open to its Lord.


Keep me through this day from all that would grieve Your Holy Spirit. Help me to look, not on the dark cloud, but on Your rainbow; not on the stormy waters, but on the face of Jesus; not on what You have taken or withheld, but on what You have left; not on my own fickle and changing heart, but on Your love, which is steadfast as the great mountains.


Oh how I love You my Father. Be blessed always in my love, I pray. Amen.