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Dueteronomy 8:3

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Healing Prayer- Cancer

Your Healing Promise:

"With His stripes I am healed." (Isaiah 53:5)


Pray This Healing Prayer With Me:

Heavenly Father, I thank You for all the promises of Your Word, which proclaim healing to those who are sick. Your Word is Truth and it is forever settled in heaven. You teIl me in Your Word that You have provided healing for me through the stripes of Jesus Christ my Lord. I believe Your hands will make me whole because this is the promise of Your Word.


Mighty God, I take great joy from Your promise that though the afflictions of the righteous may be many, You will deliver me and all of Your children out of them all. Thank you, God, my Healer.


You are always faithful Father. You fulfill all of Your promises and you do not lie. Therefore, I ask You to remove all cancer from my body now as I pray.


Heal me of cancer, O Lord God, and I know I will be healed. Thank You for strengthening me. My heart greatly rejoices and I praise You. You are the Lord God Who is healing me. As I reach out to touch the hem of the garment of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, I believe that You, Father God, are making me whole, every whit whole, completely whole, with nothing lacking and nothing missing.


I rejoice in Your promise that You will heal me of all of my diseases, including cancer. Therefore, I will bless You with all of my soul, and all that is within me blesses Your Holy Name, Father.


With Your help, I will endeavor to keep my heart merry each day, because I know that a merry heart does good like a medicine. Thank You, Father. I will endeavor to walk in the joy You impart to me, because I know Your joy truly is my strength. You fill me with all joy and peace, as I believe Your Word, and I abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Deliver me from all fear, thoughts, and imaginations the devil would bring to torment me. Through faith in Your Word, I now bring every thought, and all reasonings and imaginations regarding this cancer, into captivity to the obedience of Christ Who is Lord of all. In the authortiy of the matchless Name of Jesus Christ, I confront cancer and all related fears, and I bind them and command them to stop their efforts against me now.


Cancer is a name, Father, and Your Word says that every name must bow its knee at the mere mention of the Name of Jesus. Therefore Father, in the Name of Jesus, through faith in that Name, and through the merits of the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, I now command all cancer in my body to bow its knee, and to leave my body forever! I ask You Father, to watch over these words of faith and bring them to pass by Your great power.


Your Word imparts faith for healing into my heart. I receive Your Word, Your strength, and I receive Your healing now, as I pray. I know that through Jesus I have been made whole. Thank You Father.


You have enabled me to have the faith I need to be healed. I believe Your healing power is at work in my body right now. My prayer is a prayer of faith based upon Your Word and the faith that You have imparted to me by Your Grace, and I know that You are healing me and raising me up through Your great power. I receive Your health, strength, and healing as I pray now in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord. Thank You Father, that it is done. Amen. So be it.


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