Abiding Voice Within

Isaiah 40:3

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Blog-the Abiding Voice Within

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By naomikrst, Aug 7 2019 09:44PM


To the One Who molds me with His hands

And gives me wisdom to fulfill His plans

With a heart that is filled with praise

I am thankful to You for all my days.

To the One Who makes me strong

And in my heart places a song

This to Thee I will sing

To my Holy Beloved King.

To the One Who leads the way

And strengthens me not to stray

Daily holds onto my hand

As I fight my way through this land.

To the One Who calls me His own

Daily taking me to the Throne

Where I lay my heart bare

Never let me leave from there.

To the One Who loves me pure

Making my every step sure

I will give You my all

And daily I will answer Your call.

To the One Who lifts me up

And gently bids me, "Come drink from My cup",

I lay myself on Your Altar

Help me Lord, not to falter.

To the One Who daily seeks me

And helps me become all I can be

I too seek You and Your heart

To be with You forever, never apart.

To the One my heart longs for

It's You my King that I adore.

I'll search for You every day

And show You my love in every way.

~ I write for Him ~

~ Naomi Krstinic

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