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Dueteronomy 8:3

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We are so blessed to be able to walk with Jesus! We are so blessed to be able to talk with Jesus! But did you know that HE Walks with you and talks with you too! Are you spending time today, listening for His Precious Voice? Do you talk with Him as you would your best friend? HE longs with all His heart for you to find time to talk with Him! HE is always standing, waiting to walk with you through whatever you may be facing today. HE never planned for you to walk alone.


Won't you please find time today to walk with Him? Won't you please find time today to talk with Him? The Words that HE longs to speak to your heart are alive and life-changing! HIS Words to you will bring healing, wholeness, comfort, peace, hope, joy, beauty, holiness, deliverance, prosperity to every part of your being. Don't you want to hear what HE has planned for you today? Won't you listen?


And should you look for Him, the best place to start is in His Holy Word!






Godly living is simply living with God in your life and His life in you. HE gives us guidelines to help build our lives on HIS precepts. God calls us to acts of faith that build godliness. Without faith, our religious acts are hollow and self-willed. Faith-filled godliness embraces godly practices by not allowing them to become mere observances and avoiding dead “religious” ceremonies.


Please read Exodus 3:3 and apply its truths:

Stay alert to seek God’s working. It often comes in ways we do not expect.


Please read Exodus 13:3, 6, 7 and apply its truths:

Participate regularly in the Lord’s Supper. Passover points forward to our ultimate deliverance through Jesus Christ, our Messiah.


Please read Exodus 14:13-14 and apply its truths:

Stand and watch as God works. You will see HIS deliverance.


Please read Exodus 16:4 and apply its truths:

Be careful to apply God’s Word. HE wants us to follow HIS instructions.


Please read Exodus 23:16; 34:22 and apply its truths:

Celebrate God’s blessings to you.


Please read Exodus 25:8; 33:15 and apply its truths:

Dwell in and esteem God’s Presence. It distinguishes HIS people from everyone else.


Please read Exodus 31:16-17 and apply its truths:

Rest in God’s Sabbath. HIS rest gives us rest from our own works. (Hebrews 4:10-11).



Devotion to God begins with growth in knowing God. In Exodus, God reveals part of HIS nature and character. Knowing God in truth will dramatically impact our lives. Exodus gives four keys to make our lives more faithful and fruitful:


Key #1:

Please read Exodus 3:14-15 and apply its truths:

Understand that God is. HIS Name is “ I Am Who I Am”. Rest on this foundation. Be grounded and established in HIM.


Key #2:

Please read Exodus 15:25-26 and apply its truths:

Receive God as “The Lord Who Heals You”. HIS nature is to heal; HIS will and compassionate desire is to make us whole.


Key #3:

Please read Exodus 17:15 and apply its truths:

Rely upon God, Who is “The Lord Your Banner”. Surrender to HIM, for the battle and the victory belong to the Lord.


Key #4:

Please read Exodus 31:13 and apply its truths:

Pursue God, for it is HE Who sanctifies us. HIS life in us makes our holiness possible.



God calls us to be holy, to be set apart to HIM and HIS purposes. God intends HIS people to be distinguished in nature and in character from the world- different in the way we think, act, and live. This visible difference in our lives brings glory to God.


Please read Exodus 7:1-11:10 and apply its truths:

Know that God deals differently with HIS own people than with the non-believing world. (See 8:23; 9:26; 10:23; 11:7).


Please read Exodus 12:7 and apply its truths:

Rely on the Blood of Jesus to protect you (See 1 Peter 1:18-19).


Please read Exodus 19:5 and apply its truths:

“Special Treasure” is what God calls those who obey HIS Word and keep HIS covenants.


Please read Exodus 21:5-6 and apply its truths:

Be Jesus’ bondservant. Freely submit to serve HIM for the rest of your life.


Please read Exodus 32:26-29 and apply its truths:

Be zealous for God’s holiness. HE honors those who honor HIM.



God calls HIS people to wisdom. The beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord (Proverbs 9:10). Godly wisdom enables us to apply truth rightly. Exodus gives principles that teach us ways to live wisely; how to apply wisdom practically in our lives. The Holy Spirit will help us to practice godly discipline, leading to full and vibrant life in HIM.


Please read Exodus 19:8; 33:15-17 and apply its truths:

Rely fully on God to enable you to obey His Word, knowing that HIS Spirit and His Presence set you apart.


Please read Exodus 20:1-17 and apply its truths:

Meditate often on the Ten Commandments, remembering God’s moral nature and character.


Please read Exodus 20:20 and apply its truths:

Learn reverence for the Lord. It will spur you on to obey Him fully.


Please read Exodus 23:2 and apply its truths:

Do not follow the crowd when they do evil. Evil is often popular, but believers are to turn away and earnestly follow the Lord.


Please read Exodus 23:15, 19a and apply its truths:

Give when you assemble with God’s people for worship. Giving demonstrates praise and faith, showing that the Lord is your Provider.


Please read Exodus 32:1 and apply its truths:

Resist becoming impatient with God. Patience helps avoid sinning.


Please read Exodus 35:30-35 and apply its truths:

Acknowledge that your skills and abilities are God’s gifts to you. Thank Him for them and use them wholeheartedly for HIS Glory.



It is important to recognize it is the Lord Who places leaders in positions of authority. Exodus teaches us to support, encourage, and follow God-ordained leadership.


Please read Exodus 17:10-13 and apply its truths:

Uphold the leaders God has placed over you. Walk alongside them, pray for them when they are tired, and offer help in practical ways. Doing so honors the Lord and helps to fulfill His Purposes.


I pray that you have been blessed today by this study. Please read the verses listed and let the Word of God take root in you today and have its perfect work in you. If you would like to respond to this page, please post a message on the Contact Form or in the guestbook on the site or by emailing me directly. May the life-changing power of God's Word have a profound affect on you today, and each day that you apply it's truths. Know that you are loved and valued, by God and by me.

He walks with me


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